Gemstone Lover Christmas Gift Guide

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For all you lovers of the natural world out there here's my Gift Guide for a handmade Christmas!

Along with the obvious choice of mineral and gem specimens I've tried to curate a list of gemmology inpsired gifts from original mixed media artworks to printed cushions. I hope you enjoy....

The Gemstone Lover Christmas Handmade Gift Guide

Rhodochrosite mixed media original artwork:!/Rhodochrosite/p/147842642/category=13392080

Crystal Point Candles:

Gemstone & Pearl Bracelet:

Imperial Jasper Pendant:

Crystal & Wire Tree Decoration:

Turquoise watercolour:

Ceramic & Glass Dish:

Agate Print Cushion:

If you've enjoyed this gift guide or know someone who would please feel free to share and if you have any suggestions for future themes don't hesitate to let me know!