Deck Your Home with Unique Goodies - a christmas decoration gift guide

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If there's one thing that really can be tricky to justify spending a little more on at this time of year it can be decorations. After all, they're only out for a limited time and if you're starting from scratch or have a big tree to fill the costs can soon mount.

However there is a certain charm to selecting just a few new ornaments each year and nothing beats the thrill of finding something totally unique! So I've compiled two lists for my latest blog post - one for tree or hanging decorations and one for seasonal home decor.

For me quality is a huge factor in buying handmade too. Recently I've seen an increase in the 'handmade look' decorations for sale in larger chain shops and there is always one thing that stands out on closer inspection and that's the finish. You'll find no hot glue globs, rogue threads or patchy colouring on any of these handmade finds I'm almost sure! The quality control an artisan puts their product through is second to none.

I hope you enjoy perusing these goodies and please check out each shop as well as the individual item as I've tried to select sellers who offer a good variety of stock in their shops.

Deck Your Home - U.K handmade tree decorations

Personalised Xmas Jumper Decoration:

Personalised Ceramic Rudolph:

Fused Glass Characters:

Scandi Cracker Pull Decoration:

Couples Penguin Decoration:

Fabric Nutcracker:

First Christmas Decoration:

Mini Crochet Wreath:

Porcelain Penguin:

Deck Your Home - U.K handmade christmas decor

Felt Star Garland:

Tomte Doorstop:

Personalised Cushion Cover:

Sprout Wreath:

Multicolour Crochet Wreath:

Reclaimed Wooden Scene:

Pud Coaster:

I hope you enjoyed browsing some of these awesome shops and stay tuned for a cacti/succulent themed guide along with an upcoming gift guide for men and setting the Christmas dinner table! Lot's of themes coming your way and please do share them on social media to help promote indie business this festive season - many thanks!